Estudio80 are an integral engineering, we work with independent advice on making the creation, development and project management. Our professional experience and develops multidisciplinary working with developers, Promoters, Constructors, Logistical, Studies of Architecture, Engineerings, Technical Offices and Official Organisms. Besides, advice and loan services to particular in all or any of our fields of performance.


In this video we tried to reflect our 25 years of experience.



  • Universidad de Valencia
  • Diputación de Valencia
  • Tesorería de la Seguridad Social
  • Instituto Valenciano de la Vivienda
  • Ayuntamiento de Valencia
  • Ayuntamiento de Barcelona
  • Ayuntamiento de Alboraia
  • Ayuntamiento de Cullera
  • Ayuntamiento de Aldaia
  • Conselleria de Sanitat – Valencia
  • Consejería de Sanidad – Madrid
  • Consejería de Sanidad y Asuntos Sociales – Castilla – La Mancha
  • Consejería de Sanidad – Navarra
  • Consellería de Sanidade – Galicia
  • CEIP Jaume I – Paiporta


  • Joaquín Hernández
  • Antonio Escario
  • Manuel Gallego
  • José María Tomás
  • Antonio Heredia
  • Joan Ballester
  • Luis de la Cuadra
  • Carlos Prat
  • Alejandro Escribano
  • Ernesto Escribano
  • Rafael Alcón
  • Rafael Gómez Lechón
  • Luis Carratalá
  • Carmen Pinos
  • Enrique Miralles


  • Dragados y Construcciones
  • Construcciones San José
  • Construcciones Villegas
  • Cyes
  • Elecnor
  • Cooperativa de Viviendas El Ferrobús
  • Valencia Urbana
  • Florazar
  • Mercadona
  • Fundación Valencia Club de Fútbol
  • Comsa
  • Fagor
  • Silomar
  • Corporación Dermo – Estética
  • Ciudad De Las Artes y Las Ciencias S.A.
  • Grupo Cobra
  • Ausolan
  • Comertel
  • Arcelormittal
  • Risalwood
  • Remosur – Reparaciones y Montajes del Sur
  • Carbonell Abogados
  • Catering Ruzafa
  • Evren
  • MSC – Mediterranean Shipping Company


Our main Active, People

Estudio80 we have the most advanced technical resources and a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, surveyors, draftsmen and interior designers.

Satisfying customer needs is the starting point of all our projects.

Excellence, the highest motivates our professionals.

The result, creative and quality solutions, based on the latest technologies.

Teamwork is the key. Each Person brings knowledge and experience to enrich the project. The strength of the block and perfect coordination of each function, ensures quality in the development of solutions required by customers.

Estudio80 put to the base of our professionals the latest technologies in the field of architecture, engineering, surveying, general delineation and interior design.

Art software programs, delineation, calculation of structures and facilities, GPS systems and robotic stations.

The technology for the People