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(Castellano) Testimonials

  • All knowledge begins with the feelings.

    Leonardo Da Vinci (Florence 1452 – Cloux 1519) – Architect, sculptor, painter, inventor and engineer


Laser scanner

Capturamos la realidad. La llevamamos a tu ordenador. Estás a un clik de escaneo de hacerlo posible. ¿QUIERES TENER LA MEJOR INFORMACIÓN PARA GESTIONAR Y DESARROLLAR UN PROYECTO? Somos el partner imprescindible para la transformación digital de vuestras compañías. Colaborarador esencial en proyectos BIM. Capturamos el mundo que tenemos a…


The engineering has to be to the service of the society, contributing to improve the quality of life of the people along the planet The future of our planet happens for a sustainable development, engineering and environment, they are both parts of a set. And like this it is how…

Delineation and Measurement

Passionate drawing created with the class and style of the pencil, ruler, the square, bevel, compass, drawing pen … through new technologies Over 25 years of experience outlining all types of projects. The technical office delineation of Estudio80, carries out projects for professionals, businesses and government agencies. · Basic projects…


From ancient Mesopotamia, the human being has the need to represent the places where they live, the need to reflect the Earth in a paper The perfect knowledge of the terrain and the elements is vital before starting any project. The engineering team is able to tackle large projects topography….

Industrial Topography

The future of the modern industry, it happens for the energy and logistic efficiency Estudio80 collaborate with leading companies in the implantation of automatisms in the industrial sector of great volume. The advanced technologies of the industrial sector need topographic works of high precision, in the search of a more…

Interior Design and Decoration

Our projects are the result of get into aspects of environmental psychology, architecture, product design, wrapping them with their environment and their history Estudio80 we are specialized in interior design and decoration work and family environments. Your work environment is an investment that directly affects the productivity, comfort and efficiency….

Industrial Kitchens

The catering firms, independent technical need, that is, they need an integral engineering, specialist, to advise them in developing their projects and investments In recent years, through a good basis for R&D, we have developed the Hospital Hospitality Integral Engineering and Collective Catering Integral Engineering. We specialize in industrial kitchens….


Preserving the heritage, not a superfluous expense, but an investment that can generate prosperity for generations Estudio80 have internalised the importance of the rehabilitations of private buildings, as a buildings that form our historical, art and culture heritage. Our actions in a rehabilitation are based on three basic concepts: it…

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