From ancient Mesopotamia, the human being has the need to represent the places where they live, the need to reflect the Earth in a paper

The perfect knowledge of the terrain and the elements is vital before starting any project. The engineering team is able to tackle large projects topography.

Estudio80 measurements, taken from data and delineation of plans relating to:

· Surveying of Plots.
· Projects Settings.
· Environmental Studies.
· Waste Control.
· Earth’s works.
· Traces of Planimetric and Altimetric executions.
· Separate plot.
· Measurement Infrastructure.
· Creation the Topographic Base and Geodetic Networks.
· Archaeology.
· Laser Scanner 3D.
· Building Survey.
· Setting Out Projects.

The Setting Out Projects process is the reverse of surveying data and vital for the proper execution of work. Estudio80 on the ground represented by Setting Out Projects, the elements outlined in plans.