Industrial Kitchens

The catering firms, independent technical need, that is, they need an integral engineering, specialist, to advise them in developing their projects and investments

In recent years, through a good basis for R&D, we have developed the Hospital Hospitality Integral Engineering and Collective Catering Integral Engineering.

We specialize in industrial kitchens.

Hospital Hospitality Integral Engineering: We work in the development, implementation and management of the various branches of hospitality in a city hospital, hospital or health center.

Collective Catering Integral Engineering: We advise companies who work in the catering sector and schools with dining room, industries with dining room, etc.

Estudio80 within our company partner Unión Cuatro, we offer for both groups, the following services:

· Study and Analysis Project.
· Development of complete projects.
· Project Management.
· Technical Consulting and Quality Department.
· Maintenance and SAT.